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Since 2007 Anouk Griffioen got a studio in foundation Het Wilde Weten. Her work exists of making drawings. Anouk makes monumental realistic work for exhibitions. She gets her inspiration from the street, from magazines and from her own photos. At this moment she’s busy with a large project in collaboration with photography. Next to taking photos she loves to visit museums. This will be reflected on the blog, especially the museums in Rotterdam.

Anouk Griffioen: “Collectie Imaginaire stands for a selection of works by different artists I admire and that inspire me. I’ll be visiting all the artists and after my visit, I’ll make a drawing of the artist and its work. The exhibition will feature both the selected works of the artists and my drawings. My ultimate goal is to make my ‘Imaginaire Collection’ a real life Collection by selling my drawings and use the money to buy the chosen works, or by trading my drawings with the artists.”

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